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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins...

Hi there! How was YOUR Hallowe'en? Well, I spent the day carving pumpkins - eight of them. Well, technically, I only did seven. Dearly beloved carved one of them (kudos to him though for helping me gut all of them - he has motives though...roasted pumpkin seeds today).

Since I didn't get to paper-craft and have no card-in-waiting to show you, I thought I would show you these daylight pics of the 'kins.

This is dearly beloved's "Eye of Sauron" (he wanted to do a D20 but none of the pumpkins was really suitable).

The thinned out parts look really cool with the glowing light inside.

This is my partner pumpkin "Mouth of Sauron".

This one is a little cheerier looking, with his gourd nose.

Again, the thinned out parts glow with the light inside.

A fairly plain, ordinary pumpkin. Not too scary.

This one is a little more ominous....

My Boo pumpkin...

This one has eyes that are somewhat cat-like - an homage to my poor fur-babies who had to spend the night locked in the bedroom so they would not run out through the door.

And we call this one the "redneck" can guess why....

Note: this post is scheduled. I am hoping the fur-babies let me take advantage of the extra hour of sleep but somehow, I think they will have me up at 4:00am anyway.

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