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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Goodies are arriving and cards are being made!

I was delighted on Thursday to get some of the goodies I have on the way. My August CTMH order arrived and was put to use that very night to do the finishing touches on a friend's birthday card envelope.

Friday saw the arrival of a new wireless optical mouse. Now I'm just waiting on the laptop to arrive and my craft room will be jumping into the tech age. Seriously, how sad is it that I have bought a laptop for the express purpose of connecting my Cricut machines to it when I could go in to the next room and use the desktop? Well, Doug has promised me he will "pimp out" my mouse as it currently doesn't match the laptop. Mouse is red, laptop is espresso.

Today -- ahhhh that was reserved for card-making. I have given away the two completed sets of cards and have started working on copies for more gift-giving. Three styles were made today, six of each. I'm beginning to think I need stock in Scotch brand glue runners.

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