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Friday, January 9, 2009

cake making day

so today I am at home making a massive birthday cake for the 2 year old daughter of friends of ours. While waiting for the 2nd cake to bake (it's going to be multi-layer), I've been surfing the blogs I follow and found this wonderful blog candy!

I'm hoping to get to do some card-making today.....but I have a long day of baking cake layers. The biggest is already done -- a 14 inch round monster. The 2nd is in the oven and the 3rd is waiting to go in. I just pray that the 1st layer is completely cooked through. Otherwise, I'll be redoing the cake and it WON'T be banana as requested. I had to wait a week to get the bananas ripe enough and since this baby has to be ready for tomorrow.....we shall see later when the cake has cooled.

Still, it beats being in the office working. Oh wait a minute, I DID work this morning from home via my laptop. sigh......the joys of being a DBA on-call.

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