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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Too much excitement

To say this was an exciting weekend - well, doesn't begin to cover it.

Thursday - Doug returned from Vancouver.....Purdy's Chocolate Hedgehogs in hand. Yummy! January order from CTMH arrived. YAYYYY!

Friday - took the day off from work. Bigger YAYYYYYY! EXTRA LONG WEEKEND!

Saturday - cuttlebugging with my neighbour Dominique. I cut out a bunch of stuff that will show up soon on some Valentine cards I will post. I enjoyed myself so much and completely lost track of time.

Sunday - finished my January CCC09 cards. That's 10 christmas cards made for the month of January for Christmas 2009. AND.......while I was making the cards I was apparently emulating Nero. One of the small sheds - I call it the Chicken Coop - on the farm behind our house went up in flames. I discovered this when I popped out of the craft room to toss my sweatshirt into the bedroom and wondered where the weird red glow was coming from. EEEP....I went running downstairs yelling "call 911 call 911. The shed is on fire on the farm". Well no sooner did Doug hang up the phone when the fire trucks arrived. Thankfully someone else must have called it in as well. OH MY GOD! We still don't know if anyone was hurt but I don't think so. It didn't look like the firemen found anyone in the rubble. Thankfully the fire didn't spread to any of the larger structures closer to our's or our neighbours' homes. The firemen really responded quickly and had the inferno out within a minute of arriving. I swear!

After the commotion died down, I went back to finishing my Christmas cards. You can see all of them on my SCS gallery here tagged CCC09 - January.

Ta Ta for now. I promise to be more creative with the February Christmas cards. I picked up some nice blue paper at Michael's paper clearance this week. Here is one of the January Criss Cross Cards that you can see in my gallery. I'm not posting all of them here as it is getting rather late - well, for me. 5:00am comes early!

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Jenn said...

that's nuts!!! Thankfully no one was hurt and all of the houses on your street were undamaged! Love your card!