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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A really dry spell for card-making

So, I thought wintereenmas would see me hunkered down in the craft room churning out cards galore. Well, I lost my mojo it seems.

First of all, the very first card I have to make is a very sad card. I have attempted a few times to settle in to make it but can't seem to without welling up with tears. A beloved furry extended family member passed away a couple of weeks ago, due to a very unfortunate accident and it breaks my heart every time I think about it. But, I do wish to pass along our sincere sympathies so, it must be done. I probably should make a few more sympathy cards as the grandma of a friend of ours just passed and the father of another friend is rather ill as well. So, even though it is a less than pleasant task, I should probably get around to making those.

And secondly, wintereenmas week unfortunately corresponded with my dearly beloved attending a course for work. Due to the $%@#%@ transit strike, he continued to go to work at our usual time but wasn't getting home until after 6:00pm. So, by the time we settled up after dinner, I wasn't in a crafting mood. Now, given that I took most of the week off, one would think that my days would be spent crafting. Well, they were, just not paper-crafting.

The third culprit was "quiltzilla". The quilt I started in August of 2007....that's not a typo....2007 for my brother and his girlfriend is finally approaching completion. The quilting mojo was in full force....leaving no room for paper-crafting mojo. hmmm....I'm betting that's what happened to my scrabble mojo as well (I've been sucking at scrabble on facebook my last couple of games). Not like me at all. I usually kick some mean bum!

But,quiltzilla is nearly complete....the outer border has 6 out of 32 quilting lines left to be sewn. Then the binding. If I am a diligent little quilter then I could finish it this coming weekend. But in all likelihood it will take me another weekend on top of that to finish it. big plans to do all sorts of cute valentine cards and treat holders may not come to fruition.

Good news is that I got goodies today from one of my favourite online stores If you have never been you should totally check it out. This site was Peggy's term project! Awesome!!!!!! New nesties for me....yay!

And my February CTMH order was just placed as well (I'm planning to do a 40th anniversary scrapbook for my folks so I'm starting to stock up on my supplies now!) at my SIL Jenn's site She is such a talented "artiste". Check out her blog at She also has a link to her store. Cards, stuff!

Ah well, time to go.....cute kitties are calling. Big Poo (aka Packet) is sleeping on the back of the couch, little New (Newton) is curled up like the little prince he is on a pillow next to me on the couch. His little (well big) white belly is just screaming "scratch me"! I swear he is smiling at me in his sleep.

hopefully I will be back soon with something creative, maybe using the new valentine digi-stamp from and my pretty papers from my January CTMH order.


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Jenn said...

You're so sweet - I haven't done much myself - other than being forced to make samples for gathering... I'm starting a Henry album, and will post some updates as I go, but same goes here... lost my mojo...