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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not one, But Two

I was tickled today when dearly beloved came back from our community mailbox...he had two of those lovely bubble envelopes in hand! Yippee......goodies (and by goodies I mean STAMPS, STAMPS and more STAMPS) from the Greeting Farm and Starving Artist Stamps.

So, with me having a self-induced three day weekend starting tomorrow and tons of cards I need to make, I am GOING to squeeze in some play time between the house cleaning, painting and (maybe) yardwork.

Posts will surely follow!


Danielle said...

ooo, new rubbah - have fun!!! :)
I received some today too from Alota!
Hugs, Danielle

Jenn said...

oooohhhhh... gotta love the bubble envelopes... which ones did you get!?

Kim Nath said...

Hey girlfriend, check out my blog. You won the Elf Anya from my random pick of comments fro the blog hop. Send me an email with your address and I will send it ASAP