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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Phew...that was fast

The above card was a VERY quick make. By that I mean under 10 minutes, with a false start as I first did the background with the paper on the panel...doh! I *THOUGHT* I had another hour and a quarter before my dearly beloved left yesterday for a day of D&D ... but I was mistaken. I had about 15 minutes! So I ran up the stairs, grabbed some paper that was lying around from recent card makes and tossed this number together. Considering I find masculine birthday cards hard to make at the best of times, I think this quickie came out okay.

The sentiment is from Verve Stamps. No fancy schmancy nestabilities or cuttlebugging here...But I HAD to put on a little ribbon...well, two ribbons! But what the heck. I hope the birthday boy liked it okay. He was the host for the afternoon...well, for every D&D get-together actually.

After that quick make, a dear friend called to take me up on the offer (read: took pity on sad, lonesome me) and came over to craft the afternoon away. I did my enabling bit and hooked her on the cuttlebug and I got the bases for FOURTEEN christmas cards done. While WE were having fun, her awesome husband did hard labour doing a surprise favour for my dearly beloved by hefting a LOT...and I do mean A LOT of wood from our garage down into the basement. I'm betting his legs, arms and back are killing him today. Dearly beloved was in awe when he got home from D&D -- I did not take credit for moving the wood (tee hee) even though he woke me up to comment on the fact that it was no longer in the garage.

Anyways, time to make dearly beloved's easter card and maybe get some more work done on those christmas cards. I have limited mobility for the long weekend as I am stuck on call for THREE 24/7 systems so there will be much crafting this weekend. I'm hoping to work on Quilt-zilla tomorrow and monday. We shall see.

Hope the Easter bunny fills your basket with lots of chocolatey goodness....or peeps....mmmm....peeps.....microwaved peeps.....yes, I have had some already today!

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