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Friday, May 15, 2009

Limited crafting this long weekend

I doubt that anything "crafty" will get posted here this weekend - I'm spending my may two-four doing a motorcycle training course. Tonight (friday) was classroom so I am up WAY past my usual bedtime. Saturday and Sunday is actual playing around in the parking lot and testing. Well, in my case, re-testing. I did this course ALMOST five years ago and got my M2 then. Since it is due to expire in June, I have to either do my exit exam or redo the test that got me my M2. Since I haven't BEEN a driver on a bike since the summer I got my M2, I figure it is smarter of me to redo the course and the test. Going to be a long couple of days though. Nine to five saturday and sunday. And Saturday's weather is supposed to be wet and windy. Not good. I enjoyed the course when I did it before and there is certainly an interesting mix of people on this one (full class of 25) compared to when I did it five years ago (nine people). There's five women and the rest are all guys. The usual young males who showed up on their sport bikes and who the teachers will no doubt put in their place, mid-life crisis guys AND gals and even a couple of retirees or near retirees.

Should make for an interesting couple of days. The advantage this time around is that there are six instructors, half of which are women. How neat is that?

I DID get some new Greeting Farm stamps today - but will have to wait to get to play with them!

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