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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dilemmas, Dilemmas, Dilemmas

What IS a person with too many hobbies to do?

FINALLY the weather here in the Nation's capital is going to cooperate and favour us gardeners with some REASONABLE planting weather. So, off to Richmond Nursery I went after work today and picked up a trunk FULL of veggies and herbs to plant in my veggie garden. I am ITCHING to get at it but first the garden has to be tidied up a bit more. Dearly beloved has already done a wonderful job on getting a lot of the detritus out of there but there is still a little bit left to go. That will be tomorrow night while dearly beloved is out playing D&D.

The first dilemma comes with what was in my mailbox today- my 120 pack of PrismaColor Premier pencils arrived today!!! YAYYYYYY EBAYYYYYY! But just in time for planting weekend. Boooooooooo...

The second dilemma has to do with my stop at Heather's on the way home today. Two more Tilda's (with balloons and with a present), a cute Stamp Barn stamp of two girls walking along (perfect for sisters, friends or mom and daughter cards) and some FLOWERSOFT have been added to the craft room.

And third dilemma? Well, Jenn is going to be stopping by on Saturday to drop off all my new Doodlefactory goodies she picked up for me on her Syracuse trip last week.

Good thing she won't be stopping by until LATE saturday. Incentive for me to start planting AS SOON as I get up saturday morning -- although I'm betting my neighbours would think I was REALLY nutty if I'm puttering around in the back yard at 4:30am. I'm betting the raccoons won't like me either.

So, looks like a busy weekend ahead for me. Hopefully by Sunday there will be some crafting time so I can post some new cards!

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Danielle said...

Hi Sheena - Yes, you did see this card at Heather's today!! It's one of the cards I'm teaching there on the 20th! It would be awesome to see you in the class!
Hugs, Danielle