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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Early morning shopping

Well, I am up and trying to wake up enough to dig out the supplies to repair my vegetable garden watering system. Did my veggie garden cleanup last night. This is the garden BEFORE the cleanup.

Well, before my cleanup. Dearly beloved had already done quite a bit of weeding on the right hand side and sorting out of the rocks the groundhogs had pushed in from the back wall. Unfortunately he also tilled. Mmm hmm. And created a few punctures in the headers for the in-ground watering. I'm just hoping I have enough repair materials on hand and DON'T have to go Lee Valley this morning. Really, how hard is it to stay away from where I ran the headers? Oh well, at least he did some of the prep-work for me.

It only took me two hours to go from what you see above to this....

So....enough meandering, the real reason for the post is that while I'm trying to wake up, I'm reading my email and see that My Sentiments Exactly has a promotion right now of 100 unmounted sentiment stamps (no duplicates) for just $24.99 plus $7.75 S&H (USD). So, I had to order. In CAD that's just $37.62 with the conversion this morning.

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