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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tilda - a la Danielle - a la Moi!

As some of you may know, I was very excited to be spending my Saturday afternoon at Heather's Stamping Haven (see left sidebar for link) participating in a Tilda Card Workshop conducted by Danielle.

I follow Danielle's blog so I had seen the preview of the cards we would be making with the oh-so cute Tilda from Magnolia Stamps. I had reason to be excited. The cards were, of course, key-oot!

If you check out Danielle's blog you will see her originals. Smashing, of course. And, well, I had to post mine in homage. Warning: this is a long post. You might want to grab a bevvie or bathroom break first! And you will need a nap after you finally finish.

Our first card was this lovely little one with Swinging Tilda sitting on the gigantic muffin/cupcake.

I find the great thing about the Tildas (and Edwins), is that you don't have to stick with the sort of design suggested by the name. Tilda is sitting - period. So you can sit her on a muffin, on a wall, on her swing, on the edge of an aperture or all works! Just delightful.

And don't you just love the engineering of the pleated paper? I'm a little compulsive and obsessive about .... measuring shall we say. So I took WAY longer than I should have to fold my paper. I had to be VERY precise and use the markings on our craft mat to make sure they were all EXACTLY the same. I know....give it a rest....HANDMADE remember? It doesn't HAVE to be perfect...

So, as you might guess , those two stamps used on that card came home with me.

And on to card number two....where I managed to pick up the pace a little. Thanks to Danielle who cuttlebugged the embossed panel for me (aka Miss SlowPokey).

There is SOOOOOOO much to love about this card (hence the extra Os). Even dearly beloved commented that this was an awesome design - so that the card stands VERY nicely on its own for showing it off! Seriously, he said that.

So - the things to love:
  • Tilda, of course, goes without saying
  • the card style - what an eye-catcher
  • the Flowersoft for the lilacs she is holding. This was my first time using it although I had picked some up a couple of weeks ago. Love it.
  • the cuttlebugged panel
  • the detail of the rub-ons framing the cuttlebugged panel
  • the nestabilities panel for Tilda
And what came home with me because of this card?....mmmmm, the darker violet FlowerSoft and the Tilda stamp of course.

By now we were WAY past the ending time of the class. Danielle and Heather were troopers though and we finished up the remaining card. And what a delight this one turns out to be!

This is another lovely example of switching things up with a stamp. Tilda picking flowers was switched up a little to pick these fantastical mushrooms from the Enchanted Hollow line from Heather's. I FORGOT to see if Heather had this Tilda when I was picking up all my goodies! Doh! But I did remember to get the mushrooms...along with the house from Enchanted Hollow. I already HAVE Dewey the Dragon.....but I digress.

Just an adorable card. We sponged the background, stamped some stars and then placed some teeny tiny gemstones to accent the stars.

I think my colouring of Tilda actually improved over the course of the three cards. Her Denims definitely look better in this image. I wish you should see the cards made by the other ladies in the class. Boy, you could tell they were skilled and talented with the colouring style best suited to Tilda. Their cards were BEE-YOO-TEA-FULL!

I should mention that the Tildas were coloured with TomBow markers and simply blended out with water. Neat huh? And the absolute BESTEST thing learned about colouring Tilda at the class .......

HER FACE!....and other fleshy bits were all coloured with Tattered Rose Distress Ink from Tim Holtz. Yup, this baby came home with me you can bet. Even colouring challenged me can get Tilda's skin just right EVERY SINGLE TIME with this stuff. Just get out the brush, some water and colour away. SA-WEET! I think I will be stocking up on this stuff just so I can horde it in case of emergencies. I can see this being perfect for so many other stamps -- Whiff of Joy, Pink Cat Studio's Lily and Billy, The Greeting Farms Anya and Ian.....the list goes on...

So, go take a nap. You have earned it. If you ever get the chance to take a class at Heather's (this was my first), I would encourage you to do so. The schedule is on the website.

I'm afraid I am so in love with these cards that I won't be able to part with them - make copies, yes, but give these away to someone.....not happening. Well, maybe to dearly beloved. That way I technically did give them away but they are still in our house.

Hi, my name is Sheena, and I am a card horder.

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