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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Veggies and Herbs of my labour

Ahhhh, toiling in the garden. This is me taking an early coffee break yesterday morning. At this point I don't think anything had actually been planted - or if it had there were just a couple of tomatoes in the ground.

Note the STYLISH attire -- guffaw. Dearly beloved's old denim shirts come in very handy since I am somewhat vampiric in nature and really don't tolerate the sun all that well. Must be covered head to toe when in the garden.

Speaking of which, here it is.

After six hours of digging, the plants I had purchased were in the ground. Yes, that does seem a bit long considering how much I planted but I insist on putting weed barrier over the entire garden and it takes longer to plant because of that.

I apparently underestimated how many plants I needed this year and will have to take another trip to the garden centre. I did have to leave space for the structures we are going to put in for the beans and peas on the right but I still need some more things down front and in the middle. Not sure what though as I planted everything I wanted. There's 11 tomato plants across the back row, ten basil (mixed varieties), ten peppers (5 sweet, 5 hot), tons more herbs (rosemary, lemon thyme, sage, cilantro, stevia, parsley...well there WAS parsley), eggplant, cantaloupe, zucchini.

As for the PARSLEY- thanks to the evil GROUNDHOG I need to buy more parsley. Seriously, the garden was finished at 3:00pm. A little after 4:30, dearly beloved and I were getting ready to leave for dinner at a friend's house when I saw the insolent cur in the backyard. When I chased him off I saw that he had eaten my parsley plant. Apparently the salad bar is open.
To say I am NOT impressed is an understatement. We hadn't seen him in about two weeks and today he makes his appearance. GRRRRRRRR


chrissywitch said...

So you got some stevia! Mine died and I can't find more. Maybe I need to go to Richmond. The garden looks great!

KanataNewf said...

Mine doesn't seem to be too happy either.....