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Sunday, August 16, 2009

end of vacation

so today is a sad day - last day of vacation. Back to work tomorrow. Bleh! And it is, really, back to the unknown for me. On my last day BEFORE vacation, 5 minutes before my end of day, my director advised me that I was being moved to a new group to work with our most senior techs instead of doing everyday DBA work. Not sure what I think of that - may have to have a chat with him and my manager and point out the possible error in their reasoning for putting me in this team. I foresee days filled with arguments pitting me against at least half of the team.

Anyways....did everyone who is local see the post on Heather's blog about the anniversary sale which is now in progress? Have you signed up for any of the make n takes? I have -- I'm doing on the 22nd and on the 29th ....can only do the weekend make n takes since I'm back to work.... card post for me today....have not done any crafting today --- I did see the latest Harry Potter movie though! Loved it.

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