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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Experimenting with fabric and stamping

Okay so I've been itching to make some projects with some of my stamps and ... FABRIC!!!! I'm dying to do a baby quilt using a lot of the cutesy ones I have in my collection. And....well, I think some plain camisoles with a cutesy animal stamped right between "the girls" would be just too cute. Or...or....some of the Bellas or Kettos or some of the funky Doodlefactory guys....or....okay I have TONS of stamps and thankfully not THAT much free time!!!! Oh, and maybe on some plain white kitchen towels.....or on socks ..... or scarves.....or golf-shirts.....or canvas reusable grocery bags....or.....oops, got sidetracked there for a minute!

So, I've done a little reading on which ink to use and it seems everyone has had different experiences. I decided only my own empirical evidence would do. I took four different black inks and my little Harriet the Hippo from PaperWorksCo and set to work on an old white t-shirt.

From left to right, the inks I used are ColorBox Pigment Dye Ink, Memento Tuxedo Black, Stazon Black and Close To My Heart Black (water based). I forgot to take a before picture. What you see below is after the shirt came out of the washer and dryer. Please forgive the photo quality - late in the day and all that.

I stamped the same image using each ink, cleaning the stamp thoroughly between each inking. I have to say I didn't like the way the ColorBox stamped ... it was too heavy given the light lines on Harriet. The others went on okay. I then heat-set with my heat gun and, just to be on the safe side, ironed with a very hot iron. Then into the wash they went - warm water, not cold, with detergent.

When they came out of the wash, as expected the CTMH ink did not hold it's colour - it is, after all, WATER based. In the photo, on the far right, you can see it is now a pretty purple colour. Again, still did not care for the Color Box, either. Look at how it faded!

The Memento held up a little better. It seems to have smudged somewhat around her nostril but the colour also seems a little off to me. Not quite the pure black it was when it went on. The best, so far, is the Stazon. Don't pay any attention to the fact that Harriet's feet look weak -- that was my stamping - not enough pressure on her feet. The image is unchanged from how I stamped it. The black remained true.

So while these were going through the wash, I placed a call to Heather's to see if they had Palette Hybrid inks as a lot of people seem to recommend those. I don't think they do have them BUT when I explained what I was hoping to do, I was told they DO carry an ink specifically meant for fabric. So when I go to my Make and Take on Saturday (the Silent Night card at 10:00am), I'll be doing some shopping and coming home with another experiment. I'll be sure to let you know the results. I also have some fabric markers somewhere in my craft room for signing my quilts. If I can find them I will give them a try too! And hopefully have a BETTER picture for you showing all the inks together.

So far though, the Stazon is in the lead. Interestingly enough, right there on the package it clearly states that it is not recommended for fabric! Anyone else out there who has played with fabric and ink? Any faves or flops? Tips? I'm open to ideas!

By the way, got an email from Peggy at PaperWorksCo last night. Looks like the Spellbinders September pre-orders are going to be in earlier than expected so.....well instead of me restating what she said in the email, here is the content of her email below (I'm sure she won't mind)

------ From Peggy at PaperWorksCo


We just received word that the spellbinders (yes, the NEW STUFF) is coming in on monday!
This means that we will be busy busy next week. Since they are coming in sooner than we thought it would, we will be closing the preorder special tomorrow midnight MT..(that's August 19th - tonight!)

If you haven't placed your preorder yet, do so soon so you can get the 5% discount! After tomorrow midnight, we will take the discount off, and the nesties will be sold at regular price.

As well, if you preorder by midnight tomorrow (now tonight - August 19th), you will have a chance to win your ENTIRE nesties order.. so you can't miss out!!

To preorder, please go to:

In BLOG NEWS, and free stuff......

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Have a great one!
Peggy @ PaperWorks Co.

-------end of the email content

So? Which ones did you pre-order?

Oh yeah, I'm on Twitter too! ..... just look for kanatanewf if you tweet.

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TannyP said...

Didn't Peggy throw in some Hybrids in your Blog Candy? Tear one of those open =) LOL!

Nice to see that Staz-On really stays on - even when it's not recommended! Love that stuff!