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Friday, August 21, 2009

It's blog candy winner time!

Yay!!!! It's that time!!!!

I decided the old fashioned way was how the winner of the blog candy would be chosen. Everyone who was eligible (the PaperWorksCo ladies graciously declined to be entered) had their name written on a piece of paper and my dearly beloved drew the name. You wouldn't know it by his expression but on the drive home when I told him I had a job for him when we got home he got all excited. Asked if he would be famous! "No, not really dear." He asked if he could have the title "Candy Stripper". "No, dear, it's not that kind of blog."

Since you can't really see the name in the above picture I snapped a second one.....

Can you read it? Yup...the winner is TannyP who left her comment on August 19th.

Thanks to everyone who paid a visit to the blog and left such nice comments congratulating me on my one year of blogging and being a member of the PaperWorksCo Blog Team (they are an awesome, amusing bunch let me tell you). Let's hope for another fun year in the blog-o-verse.

So TannyP....if you can drop me an email via the link on my sidebar with your snail mail address, I'll get your goodies into the post ASAP!



TannyP said...

YAY ME!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much, Sheena =)
Special thanks to MrNewf,the famous blog candy stripper!

Anonymous said...

you mean i didnt win?!?

bummer.. lol

Anonymous said...

Tanny; congrats! Enjoy creating with the Motherlode of blog candies!!!
lol on your Dh...he's a sweetie to play along:)
Congrats angain on your blgoversary and being on the PWCO Blog Team, Sheena! You are an awesome papercrafter!!! Have a super w/e; Tinla

Stephanie said...

Congrats to you - you are one lucky lady! Thanks for offering up such awesome goodies, and thanks to Mr. Newf for his candy stripping duties!!! (lol) There - now he's *almost famous*! (And now, I'm off to go buy those two stamp sets - you've made me NEED them! LOL!)