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Sunday, August 9, 2009

No paper crafting today

But there was more retail therapy - the new (to me) Martha Stewart Goo punch!

And, well, I WAS in the kitchen bright and early this morning. I made a tonne of basil pesto yesterday, froze it overnight in little containers and then had to package it all this morning in Ziplocs. It is so nice in the middle of winter to be able to pop some pesto from my OWN garden into the microwave and toss with pasta. Yumm!!!! I still have LOTS of basil to process - only two of my Sweet Basil plants were done yesterday.

I also processed some raspberries (also from our garden) today. We had a lot of uneaten raspberries in our fridge since we haven't been eating them while on vacation (no lunches being packed and all) so, instead of seeing them go to waste, I boiled them up and now they are straining into juice. I don't like seeds in my jelly/jam so....cheesecloth + strainer + raspberries = juice for making jelly tomorrow.

I also saw today that Basic Grey has their challenge blog up and running again and have an awesome blog candy up for grabs. Be sure to check it out!

Speaking of blog candy, I see that my blog is now a year old. I've been gathering up some goodies and once I get the rest of the things I want to put into it, I'll be posting a little something for someone to win!


Danielle said...

Your gardening antics sound fabulous Sheena - I wish I was that green fingered! Are you signing up for any of Heather's $8 make & takes during her funraising next weekend? Let me know - maybe we could take one together? She has a really neat slider card - I wouldn't mind doing that one!
Hugs, Danielle

Jennifer said...

Sheena, hi! I'm Jennifer and I'm in your area too. Would love to meet up with you and Danielle at Heathers sometime if possible.

I've been in the jam/canning production these past couple of weeks too. The raspberries are devine this year. And the peaches......yum!

I've checked out your blog several times lately. Love your work. Am curious about your name. I have three Newfoundland dogs. Are you from Newfoundland or do you have Newfs too?