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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A few more things to round out the day...'s been a busy day. I finally had the chance to take some photos of the card I made at Heather's on Saturday - please forgive my goofs! this picture you can see that I did NOT pay attention to Heather's instructions to reinsert the slider BEFORE punching the hole for the ribbon. Yeah, and my eyeballing the centre was off. Grrr.....

But it is still a pretty card! Love those Smooch paints. I think they will get added to my colouring medium selection.....

And this is what the slider card looks like in action....Heather had us add a little levity to the gorgeous fall card with this cute little cow and the sentiment "cow's it going?"... tee hee hee....

Did you see my OTHER goof?....I didn't do such a good job stamping my cow. I missed his feet! So I coloured them in with a marker after.

I do like this card...very neat I think.

Let's see ... what else is up? Oh yes....I've been busy in the craft room making projects for the September 4th launch for PaperWorksCo. I'm sure Peggy will be teasing for the remainder of the week about what is coming! So, hopefully your long weekend plans will include tuning in to the launch on Friday night and checking out the surprises she has in store. I'm sure the rest of the team will have amazing projects for you to see. I won't brag about my OWN creations ... you can be the judge on release night.

Thanks for stopping by...hope to have some new creations for you soon!

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