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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins

Okay so this REALLY is being written at the GAWD awful hour you see on this post. Kitties don't understand "fall back". I even explained it to them! Oh and I DID write a version of this while attending to the trick or treaters -- but it magically disappeared from my scheduled posts. I suspect I put some sort of wonky date on it and now it is in the archives somewhere and me unable to find it. So, if you see this twice.....apologies to you....but can you tell me the date on the other one?

I thought I would show you my pumpkins this year. I only did eight....

This one is fairly tame....with a gourd for a nose. The thinned out eyes glowed nicely when lit.

Also a fairly simple pumpkin...

Dearly beloved's nerd pumpkin - the Eye of Sauron. He wanted to do a D20 but ... well, that fell through. Maybe next year.

My nerd pumpkin - Mouth of Sauron. I wanted to do a Death Star but...well, I'll be getting a HUGE pumpkin to do that next year. Or maybe I can grow my own at Jenn's place.

My menacing pumpkin. I like to use the stems as noses.

A little Boo!

My homage to the cats. The eyes looked pretty neat when lit.

My redneck pumpkin....

And these are the pumpkins all aglow -- it is really hard to photograph them in the dark, without a flash so you can see the lights so I apologize for the worse than usual picture quality.

And yes, seeds will be roasted today.


Danielle said...

OK, these are the best pumpkins ever! My boys thought the Eye of Sauron was SOOOOOOOOOOOooooo cool!! Thanks Sheena, now you've raised the bar for our pumpkin carving next year, rofl!!!
Hugs, Danielle

Anonymous said...

Nice carving.

Some photo suggestions for you...

For night photos, use a tripod or set your camera down rather than hand-holding it. Use the self-time or remote so you don't move the camera when you push the shutter button. That should help with the blurring. Then if you have a camera that lets you, play around with a variety of shutter speeds (Tv = time value) for different looks. Good luck. Your pumpkin kids deserve pretty photos.

Two posts from my blog that give examples of the same technique.