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Friday, November 27, 2009

throwing in the towel

okay so, as some of you know, I took a little vacation mid november. Well, without internet access I got so far behind on my blog reading ...well over 1000 posts. Tonight I am throwing in the towel and just marking everything still in unread status as read in my google reader and starting fresh.

So if you have not seen me comment on your blog in the last few weeks...well, I apologize - I was overwhelmed. Still hoping to visit some of my faves and show my appreciation for all the lovely work each one of you shares. But even if I don't leave a comment - it is very likely that I did at least see your beautiful work.

Anyways, a rough week at work has ended and I am planning some much needed crafting therapy this weekend.

Tonight, dearly beloved and I caught up on some of our PVRed episodes (three Dexter's!) and I trimmed some images I stamped while on vacation. Hopefully they make it onto cards this weekend!

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