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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

By now you may have seen

today's post over at PaperWorksCo. If you follow us over at PaperWorksCo, you know that the current blog team - Amanda, Tinla, Judy and I signed up for a term that ends this month.

My {crafting} ego was tickled when Peggy extended an invitation for another term as I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to play with new crafting goodies every month. Plus, it is quite fun to be among the first people to EVER get to play with new stamps. I was STALKING the postal carrier when I knew the new kit or stamps were on the way!

Sadly, I had to change my first answer of "heck yes" to " you mind doing a call for a new team member?" But the change to my answer isn't for sad's because I am needing to switch my crafting focus for the next couple of months from card-making to quilting. I thought it would only be fair to the team to open up my spot to someone who has the time to dedicate to giving their all since I find it very hard to shift focus when I am working on a big project - or in the case....two, three, four.....oh, did I mention I STILL have to make the matching pillow shams for Quiltzilla?

So, while I am stepping down from the blog team,  I will be taking part in the new release on December 30th (already have my projects planned!). And you can bet I will still be creating with the monthly PaperCard kits and TRYING to use up all the supplies that Peggy includes with them.

Oh...and I will likely be pestering Peggy with the ever present "are you doing a pre-order for......"....Cuttlebug folders...Spellbinders.....etc etc etc....

It has honestly been a blast and I can't wait to see all the new creations from the new and returning team members!

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Anonymous said...

i know i said this on many many occasions, but i will say it one more time... just for the record...

You are and will always be a part of the pwco family, and whenever quilting is done, you know where to find me.. as a matter of fact, i will be waiting for your email for the june term ;)