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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My first December PaperCard Kit Project

Hi there everybody!

Yes, I have been absent from the blog-o-sphere for a couple of days trying to catch up on some sleep and doing a few projects that are under wraps for now. But I CAN show one of them to you today.

This LUBLY (if I do say so myself) card was made using the December PaperCard kit from PaperWorksCo .

For all of the details about all the tools, etc that went into the making of this card, just stop by this post at PaperWorksCo.

And no, this isn't a Valentine's day card. I have already given it to my dearly beloved. He's been feeling poorly the last few days and I wanted to tell him I love him (even though he is AWFULLY whiny when he is sick).

By the way, I have decided that I truly admire new parents who don't get sleep because of their restless children. This past week, I've had very few hours of sleep because of my day job. I've become totally non-functional, exceptionally cross, irritable and an overall grumpy pants. I think even more people than usual are afraid of me at work. I'll probably have to spend the weekend making "I'm sorry I was such a(n)........" (fill in the blank ...jerk, a**, b*tch.....) cards for everyone.

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