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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Showcasing some fellow crafties

Hi folks!

So, one of the great things I have discovered since developing an interest in paper-crafting is that pretty much everyone who shares our hobby is super-sweet and thoughtful.

I have been meaning to share a couple of Hallowe'en cards that I received but I just haven't had the time, until tonight, to sit down and write a post.

First up is this card from Steph.

I think she makes some of the most fabulously "scrappy" creations I have ever seen. She doesn't have a blog, otherwise I would be sending you over there to check out her work. I have worked (off and on) with Steph's other half for 18 years so I am frequently the excited recipient of her crafty goodies! Wait until I show you the INCREDIBLE Christmas star book she made for me (coming up just as soon as I can process the pics).

The second Hallowe'en card I received was this absolutely adorable creation from Tanya:

Don't you just love the paper piecing? wow! Even my dearly beloved commented on how just how awesome he thought this was. I love all the DPs and think this is just so well laid out and coordinated.

Now, Tanya DOES have a blog so I am happy to send you over to Random Acts of Krafting so you can check out even more of her beautiful creations. In fact, I have another one that I am saving to show you that I just received today - a BEAUTIFUL Miss Anya Christmas card in Tanya's signature soft, sweet style.

So...tell me, don't you agree that, as card-makers, we are blessed to share our hobby with such fabulously talented people?

I don't have any of my own creations to share tonight - I SHOULD be making the last of my December birthday cards but I am afraid to try to go into my craft still hasn't been tidied up and dearly beloved might have to send out a search party if I enter without a trail of breadcrumbs to follow back out!

So, be sure to stop by on Wednesday and Thursday when I will show you another lovely creation from each of these fellow crafties! Trust me, you will be impressed by their talents!

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