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Friday, January 8, 2010

Two days of cake making...

And I am VERY disappointed but I WILL share just to show you that yes, we ALL have our off days when things just don't come together as envisioned.

By way of explanation, friends of ours have, so far, asked me every year to make their daughter's birthday cake. Well, this was number three and I'm thinking this might be the last time I get asked. This year's theme is "Disney" because they are going to Disney in Florida in early February. Not Disney princess (I wish it WAS!!) but CLASSIC Disney! You would think that would NOT be a problem right? Quite the opposite. See, I was bound and determined not to do a Mickey or Minnie shaped cake - I wanted Disney "inspired". In retrospect -- a three year old would probably have LOVED a Mickey shaped cake. But what do I know? IMAGOOBER!!!

Anyways, I first wanted to do a topsy-turvy cake with the classic Disney character figurines walking up the path around the layers of cake. Well, I could not find a SINGLE CLASSIC disney figurine in all of Ottawa. Grrrr...

So, on to inspiration idea number 2. A Minnie Mouse outfit inspired cake. You know what I mean - her cute little polka dot dresses and bows! And since I wasn't going to be there to put the cake together (going to Jenn's baby shower #1), it had to be preassembled - no onsite engineering like last year.

Well....this is what I finally wound up with.....

and why I'm not happy with the end result?
  • the bottom layer was SUPPOSED to have Mickey Mouse "ears" in black fondant scattered all around. Well....don't EVER try to work with black fondant. That's all I have to say.
  • the "ears" on the top layer were supposed to be sculpted from rice krispies squares and covered with black fondant. See above note. In retrospect - black fondant + little kids would have been messy. So I think it was a good thing my black fondant was not cooperating. I may try making little penguins out of it ... or something.
  • those missing ears were going to have a BIG Minnie Mouse bow - out of the pink fondant. But, well, no big ears, no big bow.
  • I have over 6 lbs of fondant on my kitchen counter - white, pink and black and have no idea what to do with it now.
I also made 36 little matching cupcakes to go with the cake....

why so many? Well, the cake dilemma was compounded by the numbers attending the party - 20 children plus their parents. ummmm. Since the cake is only
  • 2 twelve inch layers on the bottom (with white buttercream frosting and pink fondant polka dots) and
  • 3 eight inch layers on the top (with pink buttercream frosting and white fondant polka dots)
there had to be cupcakes to go with. Since I did the Minnie ears on the cake out of chocolate wafer cookies, I did the ears on the cupcakes with it? oh....and the M works well for the birthday girl ---- {M}aliah!

Anyways, the bright light at the end of two very long days of disappointing cake craftsmanship is that I did make an okay birthday card for the birthday girl in (for me) record time.....

Cuppy is from Stamps and Smiles and is coloured with PrismaColor Pencils to match the CTMH Emporium papers I used. After a couple of rough days, I think my card is okay. In making it, I realized I really don't have enough kiddie papers for birthday cards....hmmm....any recommendations for a good line to have on hand?

Anyways, I still have to clean up in the kitchen and prep for the baby shower tomorrow so that's it for me for tonight! See you sometime soon!


Danielle said...

What are you talking about girlie?? That cake is FABULOUS!!! I think it's just perfect and I adore all the polka dots! I think you've been watching too much of Cake Boss - he makes moulding figures and making landscapes out of rice krispies seem like diddly squat (maybe for him but not for the average person)!!! Your friends will be thrilled with this and I'm sure Maliah will LOVE it!!
Hugs, Danielle

Danielle said...

Oh, and I love your card too! Gorgeous papers and such a sweet image! I received the Paper Card pack that I won from PWCO today - what a wonderful stash of goodies in there!!!

Tanya Rudd said...

It looks wonderful Sheena and tasty, I am sorry you are not happy with it, but I am sure the party goers will oooooooh and aaaaaaaaaah over it. We are our own worst critics.


Anonymous said...

sweetie... its a great cake.. no one ever made me cake... i would have loved to get the minnie cake.. (even at age 29) lol..

its fab really!

and if it makes you feel better, the kids would just eat and go off and open presents and forget the whole "minnie theme" lol

HappyCrafter said...

That cake is beautiful. If any friend of mine ever baked a cake AND cupcakes for my kids b'day I'd be thrilled, and even more so if they were as adorable as these!! And what a cute matching card. Be PROUD!