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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Craft room update

Yay - my newly constructed shelves have been installed. A few pics of the installation for you viewing pleasure!

Dearly beloved measuring for placement - I wanted the shelves to be stepped and equidistant.

The little one supervising....

Okay...he's not so little....maybe a better name would be the younger one.

Getting it just right....

Nice new empty shelves - just waiting for a ton of supplies.

Newton taking a break from all the excitement.

Packet doing the same...

Fully stocked

  • Top shelf: cricut cartridges and 3D projects I have been gifted or made myself
  • Middle shelf: assorted embellishments (brads, buttons, etc) and reference books
  • Bottom Shelf: ribbon. Just ribbon. Dearly beloved thinks I have a lot.
  • One of my crafting tables, protected with two very large self-healing mats. Yes, there are TWO Cricuts in the back corner. The various and sundry organizers have my always used supplies - dew drops, foam squares, adhesives, punches, more ribbon and stuff from CTMH specifically in the wooden case, PrismaColors.....etc etc etc.....
And Packet's basket is back in its rightful spot so he can snooze while I craft.


Tanya Rudd said...

Look at the level of concentration going on! So much so that the cats got tired LOL. I must get my DH to do this for me. A lucky woman you are Sheena.

Danielle said...

Awesome craft room Sheena - thanks so much for sharing your pics! Loving your new shelves - I'm glad that everything is perfectly measured and equidistant!!! I wish my desk looked that neat!
Hugs, Danielle