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Monday, February 15, 2010

just checking in

still no cards....working on the baby quilt....and yes, baby arrived on time on February 11 so....I'm really late with the quilt!

But, had to do a quick post. I discovered yesterday that blogger limits you to 300 blogs to follow. So....since I have everything in my google reader, I am removing my "follow" for all the blogs to which I am subscribed. Don't be offended if I'm not on your list any more....I'm still getting your feed through my google reader. Although, when I need a break from quilting I'm going to clean up my google reader as well. My "crafty faves" will remain though....those blogs that truly give me inspiration on a regular basis.

I discovered TODAY that the bobbin you use in your sewing machine can be very important - it can be the source of hours of frustration when trying to satin stitch on applique. Switch to a METAL bobbin and the problem goes away. Would have been better for my hand if I figured this out BEFORE I lay a beating on my sewing machine yesterday as it is painful for me to type now. Note: I bought 100 metal bobbins tonight on ebay (less than $20 canadian!) and will be tossing ALL of my plastic bobbins if anyone wants any. Not that many....maybe 30 or so....just let me know.

I'm really missing my card making....especially since I got my latest order from PaperWorksCo today. Oh my goodness, when I get a chance I am going to have to photograph the neat storage tin containing the new stamp collection - the sporty  Zach and Zoe! And all the fab creations from the DT has me itching to crack open my February PaperCard's taunting me on the counter right now....

Included in my package was my blog candy I won as well - just for playing along with the weekly sketch (posted Sundays on the PaperWorksCo blog) and uploading a link to my card I won one of the new stamps. So I picked one that I will be giving to a crafty friend of mine....I'm sure she will enjoy creating with the little cutie! Thanks Peggy!

I think I might need to take part in some card-making therapy tomorrow night while dearly beloved goes to volleyball...even if it is a clean and simple. I NEED MY CARD-MAKING FIX!!!!

anyways....hope you all have a lovely evening. ta ta for now.....


Tanya Rudd said...

Can't wait to see the quilt!

Anonymous said...

card card card!!

we want to see card! lol