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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog layout changes

Hi there,

I'm going to try something new with my blog layout, so bear with me while I play. I am going to try to add a bar across the top with links to a few stand-alone pages that I am going to create, as time permits, that list my collections of stamps, Cuttlebug folders, Cricut cartridges, various major tools and anything else that you guys might be interested in borrowing or trying out.

I kind of dread doing it though as I think it will make me realize just HOW MUCH crafting stuff I have in my little craft room - my CTMH stamps sets alone are way too numerous for someone who ISN'T a consultant.

Where possible, I will list/link my favourite suppliers where I actually purchased the collection. It won't be specific to each one as that would take way too long, just that they are a source,  just in case you are interested in acquiring the item for yourself.

I think my little endeavor might actually inspire me to offer up for sale some of the stamps I no longer or never did use, might want to check out the lists as they go up.

Can you tell that I am avoiding going into the craft room? It's a disaster after working on Ava's quilt the last little while AND doing a bunch of Easter cards this past week.

Hope you have a crafty day!


Tanya Rudd said...

Oh dear, I can so relate to you at the moment! I was actually thinking of doing a stamp swap, or selling my stamps as well, maybe we could do a collaborative virtual garage sale?

Hugs to you Sheena,

Anonymous said...


brilliant idea! its so sweet that you are willing to share your images ;)

(and thanks for giving us the first honor tee hee)