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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Copics and Magnolia Ink - for the locals

Warning - this post has been flagged with an ENABLER ALERT!!!!! (ba ha ha ha ha)

Hi folks...

I just got back from a two-hour shopping excursion around the city....bleh. But I thought I would pass along the following info for the locals here in Ottawa
  • Chapters (at least in Kanata Centrum) has the spring Magnolia Ink magazine for $10.99. I think they had three or four copies left after I got mine.

  • Wallacks (I went to the one in Bells Corners) has Copic Markers on sale. The sketch markers are $5.99 (they are usually $8.24). I had popped in to get some OMS and blending stumps so didn't go prepared with a list of Copic Colours I wanted so I picked up a Special  Black (110) only - they didn't have the 100 Black in Sketch. Now I have to go pull up some tutorials for hair and skin to see which others I will add to my collection. The sale at Wallack's in on until April 15th - I think so anyway, that's what their circular says.

So....that's my little bit of enabling for today.

Now, back to the craft room to finish the quilt -  I have one and a half sides of binding left to hand sew. That should take about an hour or so. And then trim off my dangling threads and the quilt is done!!!

Then .... easter cards to go with the prezzies I bought for my niece and nephew this morning. I was so excited - the clerk at Best Buy (Merivale) gave me one of the extra figurines they had come in for people who had pre-ordered the Nintendo DS Pokemon Soul Silver game. That was an AWESOME start to my shopping excursion. My nephew already thinks that Aunt Sheena is the greatest  - I think this will shoot me into the stratosphere of greatness!

Have a fabulously crafty day!


Danielle said...

Thanks for enabling Sheena - guess where I'm off to after lunch, LOL!!!
Hugs, Danielle

Stephanie J said...

Hey chickie! What have you got for greys? If you want to do black hair/clothes/boots/etc..., you should consider some of the C or N greys, in a series like 1,3,5,7, 9. Alot of people use the Cs to build up to black, but I personally prefer the Ns.

Isabelle said...

boy am I lucky i live 2 hrs away! save myself some money!

i agree with what Steph J said regarding the greys, I don't have any of the N but i use the C and the W and odd # 1, 3,5, 7, 9 (which i don't have yet) i hardly use pure black, only in little qty since it doesn't have any depth.