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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unveiling Ava's Quilt

Hi folks,

Today, at long last, I finally delivered the quilt I made for Ava (Jenn's sweet little one).

When Jenn told me that she had been granted permission to use the Doodlefactory images from StarvingArtistamps to decorate Ava's nursery, I immediately volunteered my sewing skills, such as they are, to make a fun little quilt for her crib. I'm fond of saying I have too many hobbies and not enough time so, what better way to find some extra time than by combining two hobbies! Quilting and stamping!

So....are you ready? Here it is....

The finished pasture scene featuring Yoop (from the Doodlefactory Easter Collection), Basel (from the Doodlefactory Animals Collection) and the Countryside Backdrop (from the Set the Scene collection).

The quilt definitely turned out mostly as I had it envisioned and I think I managed to stay true to the actual rubber stamp images. Everything is appliqued on this quilt - I went through almost an entire 1000 metre spool of black thread doing the satin stitching to attach the applique as I wanted them to look like the stamped images. Yep, a full kilometre of black thread. And that's just the black thread! There is also lots of invisible thread, pink thread.....etc, etc, etc....

For anyone who doesn't know what applique is - in cardmaking terms it is kind of like paper-piecing - but with fabric and fusible interfacing to provide some stability.

And here are a bunch more pictures to show a little more of the detail on the quilt....

The "countryside backdrop"  with a few "Basel" clones.

The adorable "Yoop"

My favourite part of the quilt - my little black sheep "Basel" with one of the good clones...

The cluster of trees on the left of the quilt

The  cluster of trees on the right side of the quilt

Signed and dated....a one of a kind, never to be repeated baby quilt, ready to be spit up upon and whatever else little Ava decides is appropriate!

Please note, I can not stress how important it is that we did get PERMISSION from the owners of these images to use them for this purpose and that there were no profits from making this quilt.  It was a gift.

If anyone out there is inspired to do something similar (with these or other stamped images), be sure you do the same, PARTICULARLY if you intend to make it and sell it. Artists deserve to be given credit for their work. Be sure to verify the stamp company's angel policy before you undertake a project such as this.

So....what do you think? Was it worth the wait?


Stephanie J said...


Insane. Beautiful...but insane! That's definitely a labour of love, and I suspect Ava will treasure it for a very long time... spit-up and all!

Jenny said...

OMGOSH!! This is amazing!! What a beautiful quilt, what a lucky little baby to recieve such a wonderful gift!

Tanya Rudd said...

Oh Oh Oh Oh! I LOVE THIS! It was so worth the wait. Amazing, yup, you are AMAZING.

Tracey B. said...

Oh Sheena you did such an incredible on Jenn's quilt! I am sure it will be a treasured keepsake. I'm honored you chose to use our designs for Jenn's quilt.
Great job!