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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A new challenge blog for TGF fans

Hi folks,

I'm back but with nothing crafty - I was just too busy today. I was a "bad" girl and went to Wallack's - where  I bought another 16 Copic markers. I apparently have little to no self-control. Actually, I think I did good - I didn't buy ALL the copics they have in stock that I don't have in my collection (yet). As I said to dearly beloved "I KNOW I am going to wind up buying all of them eventually so I'm not just going to buy a couple at a time, I'm going to make the drive worthwhile." okay - it's like 7 minutes from my house -- but on a saturday, on easter weekend, the traffic WAS annoying. I HAD to reward myself appropriately....tee hee hee.

Anways, on to the reason why I am writing. I was catching up on today's blog reading when I saw a post about one of the DT members of Magnolia Down Under departing due to her commitments to her newly started Anya Ink Challenge Blog. They just put up their first challenge on Friday - anything goes!

So, if you are a fan of TGF stamps, you might want to add this to your blog reading list. I did - hope to put my most recent purchases to good use once they arrive!

Hope you are all having a fabulous Easter weekend - I'm on call so sticking close to home
*** read: going to tackle reorganizing the craft room on Sunday/Monday. Maybe purge some of my unused supplies ***

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