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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Organizing Spellbinders Dies

Hi there folks,

well, I'm still not getting crafty - and I am still not getting the craft room tidied up. It may have to wait until I take my days off later this week once I go off pager duty.

However, I did make some progress in tidying up - sort of. I finally got around to putting my most recent Spellbinders dies into CD cases. The larger ones have finally made it into the metal cases my dearly beloved picked up for me at Lee Valley.

Just in case you are curious ..... most of my Spellbinders dies are stored in CD cases, lined with magnetic paper I buy at Staples.

Each CD case usually holds two sets of dies - for some of the scalloped die sets though, this isn't the case. With the scalloped dies, sometimes the dies overlap and only one set fits in a case. Basically, every other one on each side .. say 1, 3 and 5 on one side and 2, 4 and 6 on the other.

And these are the metal cases from Lee Valley my dearly beloved picked up for me - a real steal. The small ones were fifty cents each, the large ones were a dollar.

The smaller ones work well for the larger dies, like the long rectangles and the labels eight and ten. I just put scraps of my magnetic paper inside the cases to hold the dies in place as with the CD cases.

The larger cases are PERFECT for the petite borderabilities

the empty spots you see on the top case are because two of my border sets were lent to a friend to possibly use on a project. They will be added and labeled when they return. Each case can hold eight of the borders, four on each side (each set has two pieces). So, one of the cases still has room for four more borders!!

And this is the CD case that holds my other Spellbinders that were already in cases (before today)

There's a few empty slots as I sent those dies off with the borders to my crafty pal for the weekend as well.

I know what you are thinking - yes, I'm a little OCD. And I have a little problem - all those Spellbinders I organized today won't be going into this tidy case. I may have to find another big case to hold all of them. But I really like this one as the CDs lock into place and I can close up the door and just cart the entire box off to wherever I am crafting. Neat huh?

Anyways, see you later, hope you are having a nice weekend.

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Laurie tx stamper said...

Now THAT is some serious organization! Wow, well thought out! thanks for sharing!