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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A quick Thank You

Hi folks,

just wanted to drop a quick line to say, on behalf of my Team International Ink, thank you if your vote was one of the ones cast that help put us through to Round Three of the Royal Battle over at TGF.

The field has been narrowed down to twenty-five teams and the next challenge is a scrapbook page. Lucky for us, we have a super scrapper on our team who is rising to this challenge. So far, I haven't been a contributing team member - I'm making up the cheering section. Good thing I'm loud and spirited! If the cheer squad alone was enough to get us through, then we would be a sure thing for the next round as I can drown out pretty much anybody when you get me going!

But, since my loud cheers won't be enough, and I can't vote for our own team, be sure to check out the Week 3 galleria sometime between Sunday and Midnight of next Tuesday and look for the entry from Team International Ink. If you like it (and I am already guessing you will!!!!), please consider using one of your three votes for our team.

So, that being said, there HAS been some controversy over the votes being cast. I was thinking about this myself and I think one way it could have been avoided (or avoided in the future) would be if ONLY the people on the teams were allowed to vote...and you HAVE to use all of your votes. Otherwise, if you don't vote, your team gets docked a vote for every vote team members do not cast. Oh, and every team has to have the same number of members. The advantage would be - a lot fewer votes to count and probably easier to verify all the votes being cast. I certainly don't envy the folks at TGF the nightmare of trying to make this contest fair to everybody. Funny how these things always wind up this way, huh? Poor Marie, I thought of sending this suggestion to her for next time but I am sure she is being inundated right now with emails etc so I probably won't.  I would not want to add to her headaches during what I am sure is turning out to be a stressful time.

I sure hope that the experience with THIS contest doesn't put a damper on all the neat contests they run for their fans at TGF. It is definitely fun to play along and make new friends along the way. And just seeing all the diversity in the creativity of the submitted projects is amazing. I actually DO hem and haw over my three votes....typically wishing I could vote for more projects! Just call me Miss GoodyTwoShoes....I WANT TO VOTE FOR EVERYBODY!  I think I will be needing to go back AFTER this contest is done (or maybe just after the closing of votes for each week) and be popping a quick comment on all of the projects that I did not get to vote for but were still incredible. I think that would be a nice thing to do, you know?

Anyways, must go make dinner....guitar night at our house should be commencing soon....


Stephanie J said...

Hey chick! It'd be nice if everyone could just follow the rules, hey? I had suggested to
Marie as soon as the voting deets were originally announced that perhaps each team should have 3 votes and that would be it, decided on amonst team members, and posted by team leaders, but she said it would be too hard to keep track of who was on what team. I say, her & Jess do an awesome job of what they do...but that they maybe need to think the contests through a wee bit more. (But that's definitely not a TGF dis!!!!!) Geez... hopefully after the Relay fiasco and now the people-creating-multiple-id's-&-cheating fiasco, they'll keep having contests!!!

RiNNE said...

Such good ideas, Sheena. And I also agree that it's so hard to vote only 3 times. There are so many talented people at the gallery!

Have fun during your guitar night! Thanks for being such a great cheerleader! Can't wait to do the same for you soon!