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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Such a dilemma!

Hi everybody,

no crafty or kitty share from me tonight....I'm doing the laundry I DIDN'T have time to do this past weekend and putting all my newly acquired stamps into their tidy binders. It looks like I need to pick up at least one more huge binder - my TGF stamps have outgrown their current binder as I have just added six new singles and three new sets.

I was happy to hear today that the Copic class at Heather's is still going ahead on Friday night. YAY! Tanya's Mom is taking the class as well so I'm sure we will have lots of fun together! Neither of us was fortunate enough to get into the certification course so we are going to take this class to learn at least a little of what we would have learned at the certification.

And Saturday is the big "Crop for the Cure" all day crop (details on my sidebar if you are local and would like to join us!!!)......and therein lies my dilemma! What do I take with me to the crop?

Last year I worked on a scrapbook. This year I am going to do cards. Unfortunately, I have not yet made up my mind on which cards I want to work. Should I work on my TGF cards for my sister that I have been promising her for months? Maybe do some Christmas cards?.....I bet I will be needing to make Mother's day cards still so...I may wind up doing some of those.

I'm trying to limit what I take with me this year (last year I took way too much with me) so I MAY just take the real basics.
  • prestamped images to colour. There's no WAY I can cart my stamp collection with's embarrassing how many I have actually.
  • prismacolor pencils and OMS
  • copics
  • paper trimmer
  • my funky scissors for cutting out images
  • DP to ensure I colour my images to match
  • Cardstock to match the DP
  • my 6.5 inch square quilting ruler
  • adhesive (that reminds me! I need more! gah!!!!!!)

I would LIKE to also take along
  • my cuttlebug
  • my spellbinders dies
  • my cuttlebug folders

Oh jeepers.....I think I am going to be very busy Wednesday and Thursday night getting my gear ready!  Any suggestions about what I should leave behind.....or that I am forgetting to take?

oh no....I just thought of something! Embellishments! Buttons, flowers, brads, RIBBON!!!

Okay that settles it....I have to commit to making specific cards so I only take what I absolutely need...mind you, the crop is only about 10 minutes from where live so....I can always pop home to pick up anything I forget.

Hope you are having a lovely day....must go check the laundry!


RiNNE said...

He he he! I can certainly relate on bringing too much especially to crops! If you have time, maybe you can plan out the cards ahead of time? Like use this ribbon with this flower and DSP? I do that sometimes when we go away for the weekend. But what fun you'll be having!!! Good-luck with the Copics class! I need to sign up for one too!

Jenn said...

Tell me about it!! I'll be bringing my cuttlebug so don't worry about bringing yours, but you can bring your nesties if you want, as my collection isn't even close to the size of yours! I'll also be bringing all my CTMH inks, so don't bring any of those. I'll be bringing pretty well most of my CTMH stuff, so don't bring anything that I'll already have (ie: blocks)... m-Kay?!