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Sunday, April 11, 2010

TGF Royal Battle - Week Three

Hi isn't this layout by Tanya just too adorable for words? This is Team International Ink's entry for Round Three of the Royal Battle at TGF. Let's see - what do I like about this layout. Well, her girls are just too cute to start with. I think what I really like is how the stamped images really FIT with the photos. They do not detract OR distract from what I think should always be the focus of the layout - the pictures themselves. Then there are the little details - that ruffled ribbon that mirrors the ruffled dresses. The pretty papers. It all combines together to make a very nice layout.

So, if you agree that Tanya's very pretty layout deserves one of your three votes, then please be sure to leave a comment on the photo right here. Be sure to check out the other entries in the Week three gallery and vote for your other two favourites. Don't forget -  you have to be a registered user of the gallery to vote, you only have three votes to cast, and you can only vote on a photo once.

Personally, I found it very hard to vote for just three. There are only twenty-five entries this week with the top twelve moving on to round four. So, every vote really counts.

If you choose to throw your support behind Team International Ink, then I thank you.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Now, off to check on my cinnamon buns!


RiNNE said...

What I enjoy about your posts is how you describe what you like about the cards/ lay-outs in detail!! I appreciate your analytical descriptions, Sheena!

Go International Ink!!! I also find it difficult to vote for only 3. Hopefully, as the number of teams get smaller and smaller, that would not be the case later on.

I also think we should be able to vote for our own entries. Most of the time, I think ours are among the best and it isn't because I'm biased. Enjoy your day!

Sparkle said...

What a darling layout! Good luck to your team!

Jenny said...

Cute LO! I voted for ya!