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Monday, April 26, 2010

Thanks for your votes!

To the 185 of you who cast a vote in favour of Team International Ink in The Greeting Farm's Royal Battle Final Round, on behalf of my team, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks.

To those of you who left such lovely comments on my blog or one of the other team member's blogs - Tanya's, Stephanie's, Sunghee's or Corinne's, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks.

To the amazingly talented member's of my team - you ladies are just that - real ladies. Each of you with her own unique talents. Thank you for letting me be a member of your talented team. I commend each of you for a game well played.

To the top two vote-getting teams - Dream Team and Team MACCK (the winners), I truly thought your projects for this final round were deserving of the top two spots. Your projects demonstrated beautiful colouring skills and amazing creativity.

I could wallow in self-pity at how crushing a loss it was (there were 2746 votes cast in total) and how it feels like my contribution to the team was the ULTIMATE EPIC FAIL!!!! But I won't.....

my craft room is calling - I have birthday cards and Mother's day cards to make.Well...there's ironing and laundry as well...and I need to make dinner....

Oh....I COULD be showing you a card right now --- it's Peggy's birthday (you know...the boss lady at PaperWorksCo) and her card was dropped in the mail today (it's going to be late!). But I'm going to wait until I know she has it (I have the tracking number from CanadaPost so I will know) before I post it. I don't want to spoil the sure to drop by the PaperWorksCo Blog today and leave her some love.

Hope you have a wonderfully crafty day!!!


RiNNE said...

We love you, Sheena! You are not an epic fail!!! We just had a couple of misfortunes is all. But we leave the challenge with integrity. And you, you are among the most gracious of all. International Ink is a winner in my book. I hope you don't think that your contribution was a failure because they were beautiful and wonderful and PSHAWWW to the ones who didn't think so :).

cabio's craft corner said...

I think all six teams are winners on the competitions doesn't matter whoever made it to the top. I understand how nerve racking this last round is, but after all, that team spirit and friendships are more important. To be honest with you, besides my own time, you will be the only one I would for. I see all those amazing little details and they are so fun to look through. Not sure if you notice, but for all six team, you are the only team I left comment during the last round, so now you know how wonderful your project was??!!