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Monday, May 24, 2010

Digging it....


my garden that is. I know, those of you who read my blog from time to time are probably wondering "Did her craft room go up in flames? No cards?"

To be honest, there haven't been any reasons for cards the last little while and it is gardening time. So, while I had planned on having a VERY long weekend - five days, I actually only got to have four (sometimes I really HATE my job) so had to compress my gardening into the last three days. I think I deserve at least one day of not getting dirt under my nails - actually I DO still have things to plant but I am finding it hard to get moving today.

Anyways, on Friday I hit garden centres and nurseries and bought annuals, perennials, a couple of roses, a new shrub and all the veggies and annual herbs for my garden. After shopping for four hours, I came home and while dearly beloved exercised, I did a little planting in the spot I hate most - the flower bed next to our garage.

The heuchera and clematis are the only things that have continued to live in this bed - every year I attempt to plant new things here and they seem to up and die. It is a difficult spot - it faces north so it only gets sun late in the day but boy does it reflect heat and dry out. I'm trying another type of perennial this year and tossed in a few annual flowers for colour. We shall see how that goes.

I also planted a few annuals along the south side of the house, in the existing "lily bed" as I call it.

The annuals are the little plants at the front border - apparently this has become the "purple bed" - everything in here is purple (except the lilies - further down the side of the house, and the peony). So that was Friday evening planting.

Then came Saturday morning...

This bed had to be replanted this year as we dug out the hydrangeas last fall (Doug hated them as they were huge). So I added a new rose shrub, a potentilla and a bunch of perennials. We shall see if they like this bed as it faces East and only gets sun during the morning.

I also added a few annuals to the back yard rose bed on Saturday morning.....

They don't look like much but they should fill in and give some nice ground cover in front of the roses. Oh yeah, I had to plant a new rose this year as one did not over-winter very well.

Then I had to cut down the grass and bulbs (by manual hand clipper) that had grown up between these roses. Ughh...dearly beloved wants to remove the grass cover so I thought I should make it easier for him if he gets around to it.

And after all that....I barbequed lunch for the boys before they headed out on their motorcyles for a ride. Then it was break time until Sunday....veggie garden day!

It doesn't look like much but six and a half hours of toiling in 25 degree (Celsius) weather and the veggie and herb garden is planted. This is the fastest I have ever planted it - I actually had to prep the garden AND plant it in one day this year. It is mostly done - still have to plant beans/peas in the open area you see staked with the mesh fence stuff. And I do have a couple more blueberries to plant on the back wall, and a couple of grape plants. But I am mostly done.

And if the garden looks terribly neat and tidy - no dirt on the weed barrier - it's because dearly beloved INSISTED I SWEEP OFF the dirt from the planting through the barrier. SWEEP! I'm sure the neighbours are now thinking I have reached a new level of crazy. I've been known to take my metre stick (or yard stick if you prefer) into the garden to ensure very accurate spacing of plants (I'm better now - I just use my hand tools for spacing).

Anyways, that's what I've been up to the last three days. I'm hoping to spend the rest of my day in the craft room making a few cards. Father's day is coming after all...and I do have a couple of birthdays before the end of May that will need cards.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!


RiNNE said...

Actually, I think the most interesting blogs have other subjects/ pictures in it besides crafting :). It's nice getting to know other details about the author :). I can't wait to see your garden grow! Wonderful job on planting and digging and weeding!

Tanya Rudd said...

Wonderful work, I can so imagine this taking 6.5 hours. Weeding takes me at least 2.