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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Geek Girls Rule - My Anya!


Hi folks, if you are stopping by for my PaperWorksCo Friends and Family Blog hop post, you can find it a few posts down, here. If you haven't checked it out, I encourage you to do so as there are prizes to be won on the hop!

So, some of you may or may not know that I am a bit of a geek girl - by day (and half of my nights every other week) I am a database administrator. I could only be geekier if I was a sysadmin. I'm SO geeky that on Friday night I was delighted to go on a date with my dearly beloved to see Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm as his opening act. I've never seen so many geeky t-shirts in one place -- or so many people who are ALMOST as pale as me - a chronic condition of the geeky.

Since I am rather proud of my own "geek girl" status, I HAD to create my own little Geek Girl Anya for the "Design your Anya" contest over at The Greeting Farm. Since the galleria sometimes has issues, I thought I would post my little geek girl drawing here. I'm not much of an artist - I'm more a concept and ideas person.

Shall I explain my concept? Well, Geek Girl Anya is proud to be a geek and her t-shirt says so! I actually picture her having inter-changeable geeky t-shirts ...some of my favourites, beside the one she is wearing would be "I PWN Boys", "meh", "PWN", "Geek". I have a few in my own collection as well but the text is too long for Anya's little shirt (to be readable).

She, of course, wears glasses and has a laptop for an accessory. I had wanted to give her a little smartphone as well but thought it kind of cluttered up the image.....but nothing from APPLE! No iPod, no iPhone and no iPad!!!! Evil Apple. Actually, that would have been cute....if her t-shirt had an apple inside a No circle! with Android written below. Now THAT would be geeky (but most people probably would not get it)!

Anyways, she may be geek but she is a girl and that is why Anya is wearing her little plaid skirt. I had a hard time deciding on her hair - a cute pixie cut, a pony-tail or piggy-tails. All "practical" dos as that's what us geek girls tend to favour. I eventually went with the piggy-tails.

Now, not sure if my idea will make it into the final five selected by the TGF DT for the actual voting, but I thought I would share my little Geek Girl Anya with you all the same. I had a few other ideas for the contest but you are only allowed to enter one so....I went with my favourite.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend -- I should get ready and actually DO something today. I still have gardening things that need to be done and the groceries don't bring themselves home!

Thanks for stopping by!


Fika said...

love her and perfect match laptop.. she looks so techno and geeky, wonderful design :)

Amy said...

I LOVE your geek girl Anya and your idea of interchangeable t-shirts is fantastic! Great concept, I hope it makes the top 5!

Anonymous said...

that concept is brilliant!

if marie decides to draw your geek girl, Im SO going to get meself the rubber!

Nikki Schmaltz said...

I LOVE this! Everyone should be a "geek." I'm more of a crafty nerd...some may say "ditzy airhead." They are all cool! I just think this is a fab idea.

Tanya Rudd said...

EEK I just love her. This is totally an Anya! I am proud to be a geek too, and I hope she wins. I would buy her in a second. Even make her into a pocket protector!

RiNNE said...

Am a geek girl too!!!! Maybe instead of International Ink, we should've been named Geek Girls, hahahahah! :) Love her!