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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Copics at PaperWorksCo


Hi folks,

just passing along news that PaperWorksCo has restocked some of their Copic Markers and Peggy has a special offer:

For the next 24 hours, enjoy a bonus 5% discount on copic markers.  Just put "copics" on your discount code to redeem it!   This discount is on top of the Copic Club deal (buy 15 get one free!) and your usual 5% rebate on your craft fund.  (offer cannot be combined with any other offers, not valid for those using local pickup).

I'm probably going to kick myself for passing this along as I do need to add to my Copic Collection but am so pooped right now that I need a nap. So don't you all go order the ones that I need....okay? Order all the rest.

Oh and for the local gals, you need to checkout Multi-Crafts on Thurston (near St Laurent and Conroy) here in Ottawa. Tanya mentioned to me on Sunday that the cute Fancy Pants paper she was using on one of her projects came from Multi-Crafts.

Wow -- it has been years since I went there but I popped in today in the hopes of buying the 900 eyelets I need for the baby shower invites (I managed to get 720 in case you are wondering). They have quite the selection of supplies now for paper-crafting. I picked up a couple of mini-decks as well - Cosmo Cricket Material Girl and Sassafras Amplify -- oh special note - the Sassafras Amplify line has at least one paper that is music inspired. And I saw some other decks there as well that were music related.

Oh -- and I got 50 6.25 inch square envelopes for $11.  Which I think is a pretty good deal considering what I HAVE paid for them at DeSerres in the past (I think more than that for half as many envelopes).

If you go, be prepared to spend a lot of time there. I went with a purpose during my lunch break so I didn't browse too much....or spend too much!


Tanya Rudd said...

Oh Dear, did I cause this shopping trip? I find there to be a time vaccuum in MultiCrafts. I want those envelopes, I will have to find time to shop. :)


RiNNE said...

Wowowowow!!! You did do some least they were sensible purchases! I love square envelopes...too bad it costs extra to mail them least on my end!