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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

tap tap tap


is this thing on?

Ah yes, I have finally returned from my little jaunt to Newfoundland where I celebrated my Mom's birthday and Father's day and.....believe it or not....finished the 300 baby shower invitations (plus a few other cards while I was there).

Want to see? Well, these are the four colour schemes that I used....

A pink base with yellow accents (100 of these)

A white base with pink accents  (my favourite - 50 of these).

A white base with yellow accents (50 of these).

And a yellow base with pink accents (100 of these).

yep. Three hundred of them.

So....would you like to see some additional math?

  • 900 eyelets (set with my crop-a-dile - ouch....900 hole punches, 900 eyelets set)
  • 1800 1 3/8 inch circles punched - 2 leg openings X 2
    (opening and trim) , one image panel and a neckline (opening) per card
  • 750 scalloped circles punched - one image panel, one for leg opening (cut in half for the two leg openings and trimmed) and 1/2 for the neckline
  • 300 baby girl images stamped (CTMH image by the way)
  • 2 rolls of 1 inch Sookwang double-sided tape (for the adhesive for the neck and leg openings). Totally awesome tape by the way.
  • 1 Glue glider Pro permanent tape refill (really like - will buy more), 1 Glue glider Pro repositionable tape refill (don't like, won't buy more when the two I have are used up)

Things I learned while making these invites
  • you can use nail polish remover on Q-tips to clean tape adhesive (Sookwang) from your punches. I put the tape on my paper BEFORE I punched the circle and scalloped circle as putting adhesive on AFTER would have been harder. But boy does it make it hard to punch...and you have to stop a LOT to clean the gum off your punches. Oh, and baby wipes. I used them as well.
  • Stampin Up punches are amazing....they survived the intense punching without getting dull or breaking. And that was a LOT of punching. I could be a point of failure tester for Stampin Up. These haven't broken yet!
  • okay, maybe I couldn't be a tester--my hands did NOT survive all that punching with the punches and my crop-a-dile. I had difficulty opening bottled water after a couple of days of a lot of punching. And lifting a mug by it's handle. My knuckles and fingers are still swollen, two days after finishing the cards.
  • sometimes, you have to compromise. After I realized I did NOT like the repositionable Glue Glider tape, I did NOT add the trim on the arms that I had planned. Not at home, no other tape available. I also left the little image plain - uncoloured. I kind of like the little stick figure but would have liked to have added a little coordinating colour to the bib, bow and diaper....but since I finished these at 8:30pm the night before I was leaving to return to Ottawa - and did NOT bring my matching CTMH markers or Copics. Well, I'm sure my sister won't mind.
  • I'm nuts. No one in their right mind should EVER take on a project this large in such a short time frame.

Oh, credit should be given to the source of the design for these. Lauren Meader has this post on her blog that shows you how to create these on your own.

ETA - turns out this week's challenge over at the Create 4 Fun Challenge blog is to make a baby card -- well, I made 300 of them so I am entering this challenge.
Anyways, that is it for me tonight. Over the next little while I will hopefully find the time to show the other cards that were made during my visit - by me and my nieces!


Danielle said...

Oh wow Sheena - you did it! That was one crazy and amazing project! Glad you made it back safely from NFLD - sounds like your hands need a good rest! A manicure is definitely on the cards!
Hugs, Danielle

Sparkle said...

These are darling!

PeggyLovesVintage said...

Oh my! I'm surprised you could move your fingers enough to type the blog. Fantastic job and I'm sure your sister will love them. Congrats on a job well done and you're a doll for doing it.

Tanya Rudd said...

WOW! I am in awe Sheena. You have to be the best sister ever. Fantastic invites!

RiNNE said...

MY GOODNESS, Sheena!! These are magnificent! So very adorable! You are a great sister-- I could just imagine the time you put into making these cute invites!

sunghee said...

You are amazing!!!! Is your hand sore at all?!
You rock! Love the cards!