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Friday, July 23, 2010

A good sale on ribbon at Fabricland and goodies from Colorbök

Hi folks,

no crafty creations from me tonight - I just wanted to pass along to my local crafty peeps what I think was a good deal that I happened upon at Fabricland today (specifically the one at Baseline/Merivale) but I think it is a sale that is on at all of the Fabriclands.

I stopped in because I saw a notice at the Kanata Fabricland that they were soon no longer going to redeem their stamp cards - and I had accumulated enough purchases on mine to get $20 off a purchase. So I figured I had better stop in soon and pick up some notions I could in my craft room - either for sewing or card-making.

Well, they had their hanks of double-sided satin ribbon on sale for 50% off -- and an additional 20% off as they were already reduced. So I picked up these 20 hanks of ribbon, 10 of them are 1 inch and 10 of them are 5/8 inch.

And what did I pay for this huge pile of ribbon? A little over $9....with the discount  (50% plus 20%) the ribbon came to $26...minus my $20 stamp card credit.....$6 plus HST (on the $26 amount). Giddy-up! as one of my coworkers would say. I'm going to have to hone my bow-tying skills and make some fancy-schmancy bows on my upcoming cards.

So I was feeling pretty good when I got home in light of this bargain and then I saw the BIG BOX waiting at the front door! SQUEAL!!!! Could it be? Goodies for me? You betcha!

You see, all this week, Colorbök has been giving away amazing scrapbooking goodies on their blog to celebrate their blog birthday. If you pop over to their blog tonight (Friday) you probably still have time to enter for the last giveaway for the week.

Well, I won the first kit that was up for grabs! How neat is that? Even neater - the pictures on the blog posts don't do justice to all the goodies I actually got in this huge box....want to see? Mind you, my pictures probably don't do the yummies justice either - but I am definitely looking forward to creating with them. To finally creating a scrapbook for me for a change!

A very nice fabric covered 12 x 12 scrapbook album.....

Love the colours in this page kit -- and those embellies...yummo!

And this scrapbooking kit! Love the blues and greens and browns...

A nice thick pad of neutral cardstock...

ANOTHER pad of paper, stickers and punch-outs (love these colours as well)

And another pad of Alpha punchouts - also in neutrals.

Boy there are definitely days when I wish I didn't have a day job so I could spend more time crafting! Can you believe all of these goodies?

Thank you very much to the folks at Colorbök for this very generous box of goodies! I may have to whip up a card or a quick layout or two in the next few days....and me with a new motorcycle to play with! Wherever will I find all the time?

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RiNNE said...


& thanks for my blog candy goodies! Have fun at All That Scraps! My faves are Amy Young's Sweet November line and C.C.Designs. But they also have the Magnolia line.