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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new strategy for unused crafting supplies


Hi folks,

Well, I just wanted to pass this along to my fellow local crafty peeps on behalf of another crafty peep. Stephanie, the long-time girlfriend of one of my long-time co-workers is a fellow crafty person - actually, I have featured some of her projects here on my blog when they have been gifted to me as she is too shy to put up her own blog - despite her OBVIOUS talents. She's a big enabler - because of her I got my first Cricut, my first Cuttlebug and my first Spellbinders dies....and we know where that has led!

Anyways, by days (and more often nights) she works at a residential centre for, shall we say, somewhat troubled youth who are basically being given their very last chance at reforming their "delinquent" ways. Next stop is youth prison. Make no mistake, these kids aren't angels. Steph has actually had broken bones from at least one run with one of the more violent kids.

By night, of course, the kids sleep and she sometimes gets time to have some crafty time. Well, it turns out that some of the kids have expressed some interest in creating with her and are really getting into it! Of course, these creative interests are not going to be funded by any level of government so she has brought in some of her less likely to be used/older supplies to cultivate this interest for the kids.

I have promised that I am going to go through my own supplies as I try to get my craft-room organized (latest round) and even on an "everyday as I create kind of basis" and, anything that I have been hoarding and am obviously not going to use, I'm going to pass along to Steph for the kids to use (paper, ribbon, embellies, ink pads, colouring mediums, whatever).

So, I just thought I would spread the word and, if anyone is local and would like to add their unused/unwanted stash, I would be happy to pass it along to Steph and the kids. I'd be more than happy to pick it up on her behalf! I'm sure they would appreciate it. Don't be shy - no amount of supplies is too small! A partially used pack of stickers, gently used colouring pencils, larger paper scraps....ribbon bits....anything!

Of course, I'm personally thinking of the room  I can make for NEW stuff.....chuckle chuckle.....


RiNNE said...

How nice of you, Sheena! Actually, I have also donated where I work -- the recreational therapy department in our hospital could always use art supplies.

But like you, I was also making room for new supplies....hehehehe!

Danielle said...

Sheena, this sounds really interesting and such a worthy cause. I will definitely 'sort' through some stuf - I'm sure I can come up with something!!! LOL
Hugs, Danielle

Tanya Rudd said...

I've got stuff for her, let me know when you want it and I will drop it off. I usually give it to Karlye's school, but summer is upon us, and I too would love to make room for something new. Teehee.


P.S I can help with the shipping cost too.

Anonymous said...

S.. email me we can figure something out...

sunghee said...

Oh how nice of you and Stephanie! Yikes, can't believe she got hurt at her working place. Hope that won't happen again.
Let me go through my crafting room. Are they all girls?