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Monday, August 2, 2010

Not your Garden Variety Co-Worker

Hi folks,

If you are here for my TGF 2nd anniversary blog hop post, you can scroll down a couple of posts or just click through here .

Tonight I have another card I made with the July PaperCard Kit from PaperWorksCo featuring the Garden Variety Collection of papers from Cosmo Cricket (did you see any of the CHA previews of their new collections?- They are definitely must have!).

This card is for a coworker who celebrated his birthday on the weekend, but since I was on vacation last week, I made the card tonight, in, for me, record time (under an hour!). I thought it would be fun to use these bold colours and patterns on his card because he is somewhat colour-challenged. He is actually colour-blind and we often have discussions regarding how we all see colours differently.

Anyways, I THOUGHT I was staying pretty true to this week's Sunday Sketch challenge at PWCO when I made the card but apparently I drifted a little (in my defense, I had left my laptop in the living room when I popped upstairs to make the card). But, sketches are open to interpretation right? I think I did FAIRLY well with working just from memory....I switched up the scalloped accent for a plain ribbon since this IS a guy card and didn't want it to be too frou-frou.

Again,  I pulled out my trusty Verve "Wishing You" set for the sentiment. Tired of all the cards I've been using it on recently? What can I say, I love the font that Verve uses! And they have a GINORMOUS sale on right now and I fear my resolve to curb my crafty spending may fly out the window so I can pick up some of the sets that I have been wanting for some time now.

Oh, and for those of you who MAY be wondering about my adventures in motorcycling - I am progressing. After my embarrassing fall less than 24 hours after buying the bike, I did not get back onto it until last Thursday. I spent about an hour or so in the driveway just getting used to the clutch and then went for a little dash about a quarter of the way up my street. My knee has still been complaining a bit so it wasn't until this afternoon before I got back on it again. Today I was definitely more confident and went driving about the neighbourhood. Low speed - at most 40 km/h, no more than 4th gear. Grand total of 7 km logged on the bike. Next time I'll go a bit further out onto the 60km/h and 80km/h streets.  And yes, EVENTUALLY I will get dearly beloved to take my picture with my pretty little motorcycle.

Night Night for now....back to work tomorrow.....bleh. Note, the next post that shows up will be an auto post so don't be alarmed by the time!

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RiNNE said...

Such a cute card, Sheena! Good for you on the bike-riding...sorry you fell and hurt your knee. Don't worry, when I first started mountain-biking, I fell on the sidewalk... not even two minutes had passed after I got on. The whole left side of my face was scraped on the concrete. Had a lovely road rash right there! Kudos to you, motorcycle mama!