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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Tag and a Joke

Hi folks,

A quick post this morning as I have some extra time before heading in to work (as I have to wait until the car dealership opens to drop off the car before heading in).

My colour-blind co-worker thought my choice of card was funny - we had a great time discussing what colours he thought he was seeing. The reds and greens really messed him up!

The project I have today is also for him and is a bit of a in-joke. At work we tease him about having a coin purse - he calls it a pouch, the rest of us say it is a purse. Well, one of the OTHER guys picked up a very girlie purse for him and I made a tag for it - showing his earliest possible retirement date (when he turns 55).

This is the tag (I used more of the Colorbok supplies, a spiral paper clip and ribbons from my stash - sentiment and date stamps are CTMH).

And this is the tag on the purse.....(the purse actually has a  chain on it as well so it can hang from your shoulder, I tucked it inside for the picture).

I hope he appreciates the joke. The last time we tried to play a joke on him I was in a car accident and wrecked my dearly beloved's car - and nearly killed a co-worker. We are no longer allowed to travel in the same motor vehicle (we are the only two people who carry one of the pagers at work - if we are both taken out, not so good).

Hope you have a great day - off to the drop off the car!

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RiNNE said...

Too funny! Love the ribbons!