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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what have I gotten myself into?

Guess what I signed up for this morning? You'll never guess.....unless you knew me more than ten years ago when I was a total gym rat.

BOOTY camp!

Just the short program - four weeks, two nights a week, starting on September 8th.

I totally blame my dearly beloved for my change from gym rat to couch potato. BEFORE him I spent hours a day working out. And I do mean hours. I would hit the gym and do cardio and weights and THEN go to aerobics classes (cardio kickboxing my fave or an advanced step class). AND I had a private personal trainer on TOP of that who I saw once a week for a grueling workout (she was a sweetheart but a total drill sergeant who would NOT let you ease up one bit). And I used to bike to work on top of all that (I used to live close to work).

Anyways, last night dearly beloved remarked that one of my friends had mentioned on Facebook that she had signed up for this program (not sure if it is the same session I signed up for or not so we may or may not be classmates/recruits in the same class).....that got me to thinking that I should sign up and try to kick my butt back into working out. I HAD actually got back on the exercise wagon a couple of nights ago -- me, exercising at 8pm at night! unheard of.....

Hopefully this WILL be the kick in the pants that I need to shed those unsightly pounds that have found their way onto my body since dearly beloved found his way into my heart!

I'm warning you now as I will probably be commenting about the aches and pains after the first few classes....all the more incentive for me to get the kinks out of these old bones BEFORE the session starts don't you think?

Hope you are all having a great day....I'll probably be back later in the week with some REAL cards -- kitteh #1 has a birthday on Friday and Yes, I am a crazy cat lady and will be making him a birthday card.


chrissywitch said...

Yay! The other classes in the area are already full, so you must be in mine! You can park at my house and we can walk over together. I'm so excited! I need to get into shape before I go dress shopping for the cruise.

Anonymous said...

Im signing up for one too!

need to get the extra (lots) poundage off to fit into a nice wedding gown.. (whenever the wedding is)

which one did you sign up for? im with survivor bootcamp..

we can *))#$& about the pain together! lol

Danielle said...

Oh yay Sheena! Wish I'd known about this earlier - it's exactly what I need to do! Have fun with it!!!

PeggyLovesVintage said...

Good luck and make sure you keep the Motrin handy.. lol

Tanya R said...

Have fun Sheena!

RiNNE said...

:) Sounds great! I need some encouragement so get to it, woman! Hehehe! Just kidding! You inspire me, Sheena!

sunghee said...

oh~ how i wish i could live closer! i'm sooo out of shape. I can't even run more than a minute. wish I could have a work out buddy. Good luck!