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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hurricane Igor and my hometown

hi folks,

some of you may know that I am from Newfoundland (just from my online moniker). Well, I am from that area of the province that was rather hard hit by Hurricane Igor. I believe I saw somewhere that 237mm of rain fell in my hometown in less than 24 hours.

Here are some of the pics I have seen of the devastation wreaked by Mother Nature. A little side note: my sister is expecting. Baby was due YESTERDAY. The highways leading from my hometown to the town where the hospital is located where she is supposed to give birth were washed out - in both directions. As of tonight, a temporary structure is in place at one of the spans and is due to be inspected. Only emergency vehicles. Oh...and the local gas stations have run dry. So I hope she has a full tank of gas in her car for when that road opens up and/or baby decides it is time to arrive!

In my hometown, the brook that splits the town in half flooded its banks.

The Ducks seem to be enjoying the weather.

People ask if I grew up near the ocean....ummmm....yeah.

One of the washed out areas of highway....bridge was completely washed away. Just the guardrails remain.

Luckily, no one was crossing when it washed away...There is an alternate route through "cottage country" on a VERY old  bridge that did not wash away.

The other bridge that was wrecked. Apparently it has been temporarily bypassed tonight.

Nasty huh?

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RiNNE said...

Hope your hometown rebuilds soon :(. I'm really praying that your sis and her future baby will be ok despite the weather/ road conditions.