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Saturday, October 23, 2010

are we there yet?

I'm sure you are wondering by now if I have finished with the posts from our annual Christmas Card Workshop with Jenn. Well.....not quite.

card 9

Card 10

What's in it?
Hope you are having a lovely day! Mine is off to a great start.

A new Michael's store opened this morning in my neck of the woods (at 8am) and I was there to check it out. I figured what the heck, I'm up anyway, I'll drive by and if it isn't too crazy I'll pop in to take advantage of my 50% off coupon. Well, they were just opening the doors when I arrived so I joined the other "crafty crazies" who were out doing the same thing as me. There weren't too many of us really - Ms was giving away their reusable tote bags to the first 100 customers and I snagged one. Considering the size of the store, 100 customers are hardly noticeable in there!

I did a little browsing around. Not too much as I plan to pop back throughout the week - they are having incredible giveaways all week that you can enter to win so, since it is only about 7 minutes from my house, no biggie to pop by. Plus, there are there usual coupons for saving on your purchases all week. ANYWAY, with the help of some very nice employees, I found what I was looking for, a hot craft knife from Walnut Hollow with lots of cool attachments. I plan to use it for trimming rubber stamps that come untrimmed or unmounted. The helpful staff also pointed out that they use it for carving craft pumpkins....hmmm, I'm wondering if I can use it to carve the twelve real pumpkins sitting on my front step?

Anyways, if you are local, the store is beautiful, I would say the nicest one here in the NCR,  and worth a visit. I could easily have spent a few hours just wandering up and down all of the aisles.

Ta Ta for now - a crafty weekend awaits!


Danielle said...

Well done you on being one of the first ones in at Michaels this morning!! Mom and I were there yesterday ... nice store, eh! Glad you got a free tote! Enjoy a crafty weekend - I hope to have one too! Never heard of a hot craft knife - sounds v.interesting!!
Hugs, Danielle

RiNNE said...

Am glad your adventure at Michael's was a fruitful one! I got a Tim Holtz pair of scissors for trimming stamps , but I've yet to use them so I couldn't tell ya. Lovely cards!