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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Sketchers with Bo Bunny

Hi folks,

well I am now into Day Four of being at home .... sick. I am NOT enjoying it. Didn't get to wear my funky new hallowe'en contacts to work :(

Even the kitties seem to have gotten sick of cuddling with me on the couch. Newton is curled up on one end of the couch by himself, Packet followed me upstairs earlier and curled up in one of the pet beds outside my craft room and is still there.

I did drag myself into the craft room to make a card for a friend who has a birthday today. Dearly beloved will see him tonight at D&D so...HAD to make the card. I'm not feeling like colouring, being sick and all, so I did a scrappy instead of stampy card for him using my new Bo Bunny Mama-Razzi papers that I picked up at Multi-crafts last week.

I used this week's sketch from Friday Sketchers for the layout (of course I rotated it) and the sentiment stamp is one I got from My Sentiments Exactly. The card base is my new fave - CTMH Desert Sand. Since this IS a guy card, I kept it light on the embellishments with a handful of aged metal brads. I used my new Spellbinders Labels Seventeen for the sentiment panel.

When dearly beloved gets home from work today, I'm going to pop out quickly to pick up the birthday cake for him to take to D&D tonight to celebrate his friend's birthday. I think I am also going to bite the bullet and get some of that nasty Buckley's mixture to see if I can finally whip this terrible cough. If I can get it to stay down that is (I hate Buckley's - the camphor in it really makes it hard to swallow). I DID try some vaporub on my chest last night (Tanya's suggestion) and it seemed to give me a bit more relief from the cough overnight. I'm thinking that if I go at this cold with both the Buckley's and the Vaporub that I'll just scare it away! (ETA - I've got my Buckley's. It's tastes AWFUL. I may as well have swallowed some of the Vicks Vaporub.)

Anyways, hope you all have a happy hallowe'en weekend. I am so far behind with the hallowe'en prep because of being sick - I haven't even packaged up all the hallowe'en goodies for the trick or treaters yet! And you know I'll be doing bunches - we had 108 trick or treaters last year. AND we still have to carve our twelve pumpkins for the front door. Busy weekend ahead!

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RiNNE said...

You are too good for making a card when you are sick, suck, sick!! And I hope you get better!!! Good-luck this weekend!