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Sunday, October 24, 2010

the last two cards

Yep, we've made it to the last two cards from our annual Christmas Card Workshop with Jenn. It's her birthday today by the way - but I won't be showing her birthday card until after I give it to her.

Card 11- I got a little blingy with it to say the least. Our sample card didn't have nearly as many pearls but I couldn't help myself, I just had to put pearls on EVERY snowflake.

Card 12

What's in it?
There.....all done with our workshop cards!

Thanks for stopping by - I'm hoping to get into the craft room today.  I haven't done any crafting yet this weekend - it was so nice yesterday that we decided to tackle the autumn yard cleanup. Happy to say we did get a lot accomplished in the couple of hours we were out there! We snapped some pictures so, if any of them turned out okay, I might pop a few up onto the old blog-arooni sometime in the next few days.

Ta ta for now!