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Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review

Hi folks,

I thought it would be fun to review how many "crafty" things I did in 2010 and to try to choose one fave project from each month.

January - 76 cards, one gift box, a baby blanket, a birthday cake and 36 cupcakes! And started working on Ava's quilt! Fave card, bar none, was this one using a digital image from The Greeting Farm. I had these two 6x6 pieces of paper from a "Crop for the Cure" goodie bag and had been hoarding them for just the perfect occasion (good news - I FINALLY got my hands on a complete 12x12 pad of these papers just about a month or so ago).

Febuary - 19 cards, five gift boxes (still working on Ava's quilt). Fave card -- well it's a toss-up between King Pickle and King Weenie. They just make me smile. Kind of the same expression as me when I see a REALLY yummy cupcake!

March - 22 cards, 1 tag, 1 altered object, finished Ava's quilt. Of course, Ava's quilt wins hands down as the fave project for the month.

April - 15 cards, 2 trinket boxes. The trinket boxes were NOT my fave creation (I think I'm still a little sour about that experience but I did make some lovely crafting friends through the whole ordeal). My fave projects for April were these two step cards (I could not choose between them so you get to see both).

May - 15 cards. This was a hard month to choose a fave but I think this baby card with Gordie the Giraffe from PaperWorksCo was my personal fave. So much about this card was just "right".

June - 310 cards (okay, 300 of them were onesie baby shower invitations - but hell, they count!! My hands will never punch the same!) I won't say the onesies were my favourite creation of the month - but they were definitely an ... accomplishment of sorts.

July - 17 cards, one recipe book, two grad hat gift boxes. Fave project for this month were the grad hat boxes. I mean, how cute is this? This is from a template by Sunghee Chon.

August - 20 cards, 4 tags. Confession time - my favourite card I made in August didn't get given away until December. I was reluctant to give it away apparently.  I really like the papers, I LOVE the buttons and that border piece. Yummy.

September - 23 cards. My fave September card was for a bride-to-be (we will be on the wedding cruise next week!)

October - 33 cards. My fave card in October was a Thanksgiving card for my sweetie.

But this one came a close second (for his Dad and Step-Mom)

November - 24 cards. My fave in November was this one that was for my eldest niece for Christmas. Pretty papers, pretty flowers.

December - 65 cards, 1 snow globe. And, oddly enough, it was the LAST card of the year that was my fave from this month (although, to be fair, there were several that were close seconds).

That's 639 cards (I think). I don't think I can resolve to make THAT many cards in 2011....but who knows what the new year will bring? I will definitely try to be more timely with my Christmas cards this year - this mad rush AGAIN the last week or so before Christmas was VERY draining.

Hope you all have a lovely New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! I'm doing my best to make it to 10:30PM as my parents usually call at that time as it is midnight in Newfoundland (where I am originally from). I think Mom will be surprised this year when she isn't (for once) waking me from a deep sleep - only 8 minutes to go!

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