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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Special Production by Kanata Theatre

Hi folks,

this post has nothing to do with paper-crafting. It is just a post to let the local crafty peeps know about a special production being put on by the Kanata Theatre group at the Ron Maslin Playhouse, here in Kanata (Ottawa), Ontario.

I'm just cutting and pasting this from an email I received so, please forgive my lack of formatting as I really wanted to just get this message out there.


“The KT Board acknowledges the Trust set up for the benefit of Connor Patrick Haynes which is being administered by Roger A. Harris, Law Firm, Stittsville. and hereby approves an additional, dedicated, fundraising performance of "Cash on Delivery" taking place on Monday, March 28, 2011, when all proceeds from said production will be to the benefit of the Trust.  Any and all costs incurred by Kanata Theatre will be reimbursed”.

I am Sarah DeMarco. You’ve probably heard of our grandson, Connor whom Jenny & I share a great interest!  Connor is 4 years old and since his birth he has been totally & physically dependent with very high needs.  Connor cannot hold his head up, cannot sit up, cannot feed himself, and cannot direct his limbs in any way to reach for or master any movement that his mind might want to achieve!  In fact we don’t know at this point if his mind can master the thought of movement; although we have lots of wonderful indications that Connor has a sound mind because he responds to us with his warm, cheerful smiles and head turning that tells us he knows what we’re saying and is happy to show it with his many smiles and happy sounds!  You see Connor can’t tell us what he’s thinking or if he’s feeling sick, happy, sad or otherwise! And even though I stand here this evening and tell you of all the things that Connor cannot do, I’m here to tell you he can smile, laugh, yell out wonderful sounds and bring so much joy & happiness that we wonder how we could ever live without him in our lives! Connor has opened doors we would never have walked through otherwise.  It is not a life that grandparents would choose for their grandchild but as we share our lives with Connor, it’s confirmed as Connor keeps growing, we have to put ourselves ‘out there’ and appeal to your sense of humanity as a parent, a grandparent, a brother, sister or all of the above, to open your doors for an evening in Connor’s name!

 In order to have the best life possible, Connor will need things that a single income family cannot provide;  And even though we as grandparents and parents help out as much as we can, Connor’s parents’ Ed & Jane will need a lot more help to fulfill Connor’s needs!  Because Connor is growing as a normal 4 year old, it has come to Jane & Ed’s realization that they will not be able to carry Connor up and down the stairs much longer.  If their house allowed the space they would renovate to have Connor on the main floor, but unfortunately the footprint of their house is limited space and the only reality presented is to build on a room for Connor or move to a bigger house; either way it’s an expense that requires financial help. A van is needed with a lift so Connor can be accommodated as best he can as he’s outgrowing his car seat in the foreseeable future.  These are the main issues at this stage of Connor’s life and there will be more as he grows but we will ask for your indulgence in helping out with today and hopefully tomorrow will present more open doors!

On a more personal note, I have to tell you all that Jane & Ed are very proud of their life and see no need for pity from anyone because of what Connor cannot do! They love Connor dearly and see no reason to be sad or despair because of Connor’s handicaps!  To them this is who & how Connor is and fully accepting of their role in life as his parents.  When Jenny & I suggested fundraisers in the past for Connor, Ed & Jane were both against it and felt quite capable of taking care of Connor as he is and saw no need to ask for help!  To them, it was totally their responsibility to handle whatever came up; However as Connor continues to grow at normal growth size, it is a big reality check for them just how much care is involved and what is needed, so they open their mind to accepting help ~ for Connor’s sake ~ under one condition ~ that they are able to get the name of everyone involved in helping Connor ~ so they can personally Thank You for your kindness and remember always with a life time appreciation for your individual thoughtfulness in supporting an evening for Connor!  I promise you that by your opening your doors for an evening for Connor, we will make sure the evening is sold out and confirm once again that all that your efforts and support are appreciated.

Although countless Kanata Theatre members are giving up their one night off during the regular run of this show to perform this dedicated fundraiser performance for Connor, ticket sales will NOT be processed through the KT Box Office, but through me (Jenefer Haynes).  Therefore, my phone number and email address (Jenefer Haynes) is on the promotional material. (See below).

This is the one and only correct way to make a cheque payable to the fund: CONNOR HAYNES TRUST
If you wish to purchase tickets ($25 each), it is requested that you to mail your cheque to Jenefer Haynes at the time of reservation, as follows: 
Jenefer Haynes, 201 Thomas A. Dolan Parkway, Dunrobin, ON K0A 1T0.
Your tickets will be reserved and held until the night of performance and can be picked up up to 30 minutes before the show at the door.  All seats are reserved and the best ones available will be chosen for you on a first come, first served basis.  Although, as one of the performers, I can tell you that there are no bad seats at the Ron Maslin Playhouse and for this production most of the action takes place centre stage so all should have a great view!
We ask that you do not purchase tickets to the show if you do not intend come.  We definitely do not want to see empty seats in the playhouse on this special night.  If you purchase tickets and find you are unable to attend, please ensure that you pass them along to someone who can.
Thank you for taking the time and trouble to read this email.
Kind regards,


and these are a few photos that were included of Connor with his Mom and Dad.

So, if you would like to be treated to, what I am sure, will be an evening of hilarity at the farcical production of "Cash on Delivery", be sure to contact the Theatre and/or Jenefer to reserve your seats. I believe there is a champagne reception before that night's performance as well.

I can vouch that Kanata Theatre does wonderful performances and there are truly no bad seats in the playhouse. Dearly beloved used to do sound and lights for the group so I have attended MANY MANY shows there.

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Kendrick said...

Thanks for sharing this Sheena! It's going to be a really good evening.