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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Singing in the rain

Hi folks,

look who is stopping by again today!

It's Abby - happily splashing in the spring puddles. And lookie - she's not coloured with BG Copics! She has a little green rain-coat this time!

I'd happily put on my own green rain-coat and join in the fun. Yes, I HAVE a green rain-coat. My Mom got it for me when I went off to university. Yep, it's that old and I still have it. Want to hear a funny story? It's reversible. Bright yellow on the inside. And my Mom wrote my name on it on the "inside" at the back of the collar. Yes. For her 18 year old daughter. Was she thinking I was going to get lost and forget my name? Oh, and REVERSIBLE? Not so much with my name written on it!!!!  Maybe the next rainy day (probably tomorrow!), I'll put it on and jump in the puddles in our back yard and get my sweetie to take pics.....mind you, I don't have any rain boots (I'm planning on picking up a pair though!)

Anyways, here are the card details:
Additional challenges for this card:
  • CCEEStampers: Challenge CCEE1111: to use a cutie patootie image (critter or person) wearing something GREEN (doesn't have to be the main color.)
Hope you are all having a lovely day - thanks for stopping by!


RiNNE said...

Haha!! Your mom did that in case it was missing!! :). My mom used to embroider our names on our underwears - had two sisters!! Haha! And I have a bright pink raincoat! :)

Abby looks great in her green ensemble! That paper is perfect for your rainy scene!

sunghee said...

Teeheehee. Love the green rain coat!